Tips for Fixing a Noisy Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are a great option when you don't have central AC in your home but instead live in an area with especially hot summers. This will allow you to stay cool without spending too much on having an HVAC system installed. Unfortunately, window air conditioners do have a tendency to get noisy when being operated, but this is often something you can fix. Here are some tips for quieting down your window air conditioner. Read More 

What Is The Air Handler Fan, Why Does Your AC Need It, And What Malfunctions Can Thwart Your System?

The air handler is the interior portion of your central air conditioner system. The handler could exist as a standalone unit or form part of the furnace if you also have central heating. Within the air handler are several parts vital to the cooling process such as the evaporator coils and a motorized blower fan. What does the air handler fan do, why is it vital to the cooling process, and how can problems in the fan cause problems with your overall cooling results? Read More 

Maintenance Tips For Your A/C

Maintaining your air conditioner has a number of benefits; the number one benefit is it lengthens the life of your air conditioning unit. Other benefits of maintaining your unit include: lower energy bills per month (as you'll use less energy), lower humidity levels in your home, better nights sleep, and lower fire hazard from accumulated contaminants to name a few. Maintaining your air conditioner can be done by a hired professional before each summer season, or you can do the maintenance tasks yourself. Read More 

Are Crazy Ants Leaking Freon Out Of Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners are designed to last for years, but Freon leakage can decrease their efficiency and even make them stop working. There are many causes of Freon leaks, including an invasion of the infamous crazy ant. What is this ant and how can it cause problems with your air conditioner? And what can you do to stop it? The Crazy Ant And Their Love Of Electronics Crazy ants are a small reddish-brown ant that receive their name due to their strange movement pattern. Read More 

What You Can Do To Make Your Air Conditioning System Run More Efficiently

Few things are as pleasurable as coming in from being outside on a hot day, only to be embraced by the crisp, cool air that is pumped out of your air conditioning unit.  However, this luxury sometimes comes at a high price, and you may be starting to feel the pinch each month when you receive your energy bill.  Don't give up the joys of a well cooled home; use this information to learn about two tips that can help make your air conditioning system run more efficiently. Read More