How To Choose Between A Central Air Conditioner With Ducts And A Ductless System

One basic decision you must make when getting a new air conditioner for your home is if you'll get one with ducts or if you'll get a ductless system. Each has its advantages and you'll want to talk with an air conditioning contractor so you understand the pros and cons before you make your decision. Here's how to decide. Cost Of Equipment And Installation While you can buy affordable and premium versions of each type of air conditioner, generally, a ductless system is less expensive. Read More 

Is Your Home Ready For Its New Furnace?

Whether you're upgrading to a new furnace or replacing an old, failed one, there are steps you can take to make sure that your home is ready for the installation process. When performed by trained professionals, a furnace installation should take about one full day of work. By preparing your house for this fairly major job in advance, you can help your installers to get the job done more quickly and efficiently. Read More 

Signs The Air Conditioning Coil In Your Air Conditioner Is Frozen

If your air conditioning unit is not functioning correctly, it may get so cold inside of the unit that it causes the air conditioning coil to freeze. This can happen if your filters are not routinely cleaned, if you have a refrigerant leak, or if you have a problem with the air leaving the unit and traveling into the ducts. If your air conditioning coil is frozen, you will want to call in an air conditioning repair service to determine why yours is freezing and to repair it. Read More 

How To Address An Overheating AC Unit

If you have a central AC system that is constantly overheating, then you likely are not getting the cooling power that you desire. In this case, you need to search out some solutions to the issue so you can get the cool air that you pay for.  Consider The Sun The outdoor AC condenser is responsible for releasing all of the heat that was absorbed by the indoor AC evaporator. This heat is released from the fins along the sides of the unit so the refrigerant is ready and able to cool your home again. Read More 

3 Important Questions To Ask Before Buying A New Air Conditioning Unit

Buying a new air conditioning unit is a large financial investment, so it is important to be prepared. Unlike other large appliances, an air conditioning unit is not something you should expect to buy at a home improvement store—your best bet is to work with a reputable HVAC company. However, before you sign a contract or hand over any money, it is essential to ask some important questions. Doing so will help ensure that the entire process of replacing your air conditioning unit goes smoothly and you are happy with the end results. Read More