Good AC Maintenance Can Help Your System Last Longer

A newly installed air conditioning system can keep your home cool when it is hot and humid outside. You will want to learn how to change the air filters and know when it's time to call for routine maintenance. You should have your air conditioning system serviced before you need to turn it on every day, and it will run more efficiently throughout the summer months. If you wait to get your system serviced, you can end up needing an emergency repair due to a breakdown. Once your system needs consistent repairs, new ac installation is going to be worth the investment. With a new system in place, you will have fewer repairs and a more efficient system.

Changing Your Air Filters

Air filters help your system run more efficiently. If an air filter gets clogged, your air conditioner can start to overheat as it tries to cool off your home. A dirty air filter can cause your air conditioner to short cycle, turning off before your home reaches the right temperature. Learn how to change your air filters, and change them once a month during periods of heavy use.

Get Your System Serviced 

Your air conditioning needs to be serviced once a year to keep it in good working order. If it is on throughout the year, getting it serviced every six months will benefit your system. A technician will come and look for problems, lubricate moving parts, change your air filters, and check for air duct leaks. Your system will run more efficiently after it is serviced, and it is less likely to break down.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Even in a new ac installation, you can end up with low refrigerant levels because of a leak. Low refrigerant can cause your system to overheat quickly, and it will shut down to save your system. You might notice that the temperature doesn't get cool enough, or that you have ice on your evaporator coils. Your ac technician can replace refrigerant and find any leaks so that they can be repaired. Low refrigerant can lead to short cycling, and make it hard for your system to cool the home.

Keep your air conditioning well-maintained to improve longevity. You will spend less money on utility bills when your system is running efficiently, and you aren't going to have as many emergency repairs to keep your home cool in the hot weather. Contact Nex Generation AC and Heating for more.