Is Your Family Missing Out On These Important HVAC Services?

While most homeowners understand that HVAC service contractors are able to install, maintain, and repair heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment, they may still be missing out on some other important services. If you are a homeowner, the following list may offer you information about some additional HVAC services that could be beneficial to your family and home. 

Sizing your system

Purchasing an existing home usually means accepting choices that the previous owner made, including the heating and air system. If the currently installed system was improperly sized or the home's square footage or layout were significantly changed after installation, such as when a major renovation has been done, the existing HVAC system may be too small or too large. 

Because each home can offer different amounts of interior living space or have floor plan or features that can help or hinder air flow, heating and air conditioning systems must be correctly sized in order to provide even, dependable heating or cooling. Sizing an HVAC system involves computing the British thermal units (BTUs) needed for a particular home and then using that figure to determine proper tonnage numbers. 

Air quality issues

HVAC service contractors can also help your home offer better air quality to benefit your family. Some of the most common ways in which a contractor can do this is to: 

  • help homeowners find solutions to humidity issues inside the home, such as installing a dehumidifier on an existing furnace 
  • clean air ducts to reduce dust, pollen, and other allergens in the home
  • upgrade the filters for the HVAC system, such as using hypoallergenic filters or installing a secondary filter to augment the existing one

HVAC service contractors can also help homeowners increase air quality by offering advice on dealing with air leaks that could be exacerbating humidity levels in the home or contributing to other air quality issues. 

Additional reasons

Homeowners can also depend on HVAC service contractors to help them with other decisions. These might include deciding when to consider switching to another form of heat, such as replacing a furnace with a heat pump. An HVAC service contractor is also able to accurately determine when an aging heating or cooling system should be considered for replacement, based on repair history or energy efficiency. 

Homeowners who want to learn more about all the services offered by HVAC service contractors can contact a reputable HVAC installation and service company in their area to schedule an appointment or get more information.