How To Choose Between A Central Air Conditioner With Ducts And A Ductless System

One basic decision you must make when getting a new air conditioner for your home is if you'll get one with ducts or if you'll get a ductless system. Each has its advantages and you'll want to talk with an air conditioning contractor so you understand the pros and cons before you make your decision. Here's how to decide.

Cost Of Equipment And Installation

While you can buy affordable and premium versions of each type of air conditioner, generally, a ductless system is less expensive. One reason for this is because you don't have to pay for ducts. Another reason is that there are fewer parts to the system, and the air conditioner is easier to install. However, one thing to consider is if your home already has ducts that are in good condition. If the contractor examines the ducts and determines they can be used with a new air conditioner, then that will cut the cost of having a central forced-air system installed.

Control Of Individual Rooms

If you don't want uniform cooling throughout your entire house, then a ductless system could be a good solution. A system with ducts spreads the cool air out through every room so your entire home has consistent cooling. However, if your kids are grown and moved out, you might have bedrooms or even an entire upstairs that doesn't need to be cooled any longer. Choosing different temperatures for different parts of your house is easier with a ductless system since the cool air blows out of a blower on the wall rather than being distributed through ducts. This allows you to set a different temperature on the blower in an empty part of the house or a baby's bedroom than you set in your own bedroom. A ductless system for a small house might have only one blower, but a larger house will usually have a few blowers that can be controlled individually.

Appearance And Sound

The main drawback to a ductless system is the blower that's mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor. While it's not as ugly as a window air conditioner, it's not as sleek as a central air register. If the appearance of the blower bothers you, then you may prefer a central air conditioner with ducts. However, the trade-off is that your air conditioner will be noisier. One advantage of a ductless unit is it operates much quieter and there is also less noise because there is no echo or rattling coming from ducts.

Either type of air conditioning system works well in most houses, so making your decision could be difficult. You can base your choice on cost, appearance, or available space. Input from an air conditioning contractor can also help you choose the best system for your home, climate, and budget. For more information, contact an air conditioning company.