Frugal Tips For Saving Money On Winter Heating Oil

Winter heating bills are often budget-busters for families living in the northern part of the country where winter temperatures regularly drop well below zero. Even though the costs of heating are high, they are a necessary evil. Adequate winter heating isn't just about personal comfort, heating a home in the winter is also necessary to prevent frozen pipes and other preventable damage.

If your family's winter heating bills are busting your budget this year, then these frugal tips will assist you with saving money during the rest of the winter heating season:

Have Your HVAC System Professionally Serviced

Though you can always turn down the thermostat, use passive solar heating, and take other simple actions on a daily basis to limit the number of times your heater kicks on, you can only do one thing to ensure your system is effectively utilizing the fuel it is burning. And that single thing is to have the system professionally inspected and serviced. Every time your heater comes on, you need it to be burning the heating oil as efficiently as possible. By having the system serviced, you ensure this is the case.

Pay Attention to the Heating Oil Markets in the Fall

Just as the price of the gasoline you put into your car fluctuates from day to day, so too does the price of a gallon of heating oil. If you time the delivery of your heating oil to a day when the market price is lower, then you will save money. While no one can predict where the heating oil market will go on any given day, taking a look at the historical prices can give you some idea when is the best time to order your fuel.

Order Your Heating Oil in Bulk Deliveries 

Last but certainly not least, one of the best ways to save money on your household's winter heating oil is to get the best deal you can when you purchase it. Often, heating oil delivery companies will lower your cost per gallon if you purchase more fuel per delivery.

For example, if you have a 300-gallon tank but purchase your oil 100-gallons at a time, then the oil will likely cost more than getting a single 300-gallon delivery. The reason for the savings is the heating oil delivery service only needs to visit your house once instead of making three trips. Since this saves them money, they will pass along some of the savings to you.