3 Things You Should Start Doing To Save Money On Your A/C Bill

If your monthly electric bill seems like it is climbing higher and higher during the summer, it's likely your air conditioning use is at fault. If you want to keep these costs in check, there are likely a few things you can start doing that will help you keep your energy use down.

Use Your Fans

People tend to use their ceiling or standalone fans in the springtime once the temperature warms up a bit, but then they end up in storage again once it's time to break out the air conditioner. But the smart move here would be to keep using your fans even while the A/C is running. Yes, having the fans turned on will use more electricity, but the amount of electricity a fan uses pales in comparison to the energy costs of an always-on air conditioning unit. By keeping your fans on, you will help the air conditioner circulate air throughout the house, which means the A/C will be able to go into economy mode much more quickly.

Clean Your Unit

We all know we should change the air filter on our air conditioning unit, but be honest with yourself, when was the last time you actually did it? A clean air filter and overall unit will go a long way towards ensuring that your air conditioner runs as efficiently as possible. A more efficient air conditioner means a lower energy bill for your wallet. Get into the habit of unplugging your unit and cleaning the coils and filter at least once a month or more frequently during periods of heavy use.

Reach Out to a Professional

For best results, you really should be reaching out to an air conditioning repair service at least once a year for a complete check-up. Ideally, get a local contractor to come out to your house in the spring before they get busy and before the weather really begins to warm up. A good HVAC contractor will be able to spot potential problems that you might not and will be able to make small repairs as needed in order to prevent a major breakdown that could end up costing you more money down the road.

If you want to lower your air conditioning costs this summer, make more frequent use of your fans and keep your A/C unit clean as much as possible. Talk to a professional air conditioning repair service, like Custom Heating &  Air Conditioning LLC, for more information.