How To Safely Clean The Inside Of Your Furnace Cabinet

Cleaning the inside of your furnace cabinet is going to be beneficial in many ways. To put it as simply as possible, a cleaner furnace cabinet is going to have more efficient components that are more productive and use less electricity. Importantly, a unit that is constantly kept clean is going to have a much improved lifespan. If your furnace needs to be prematurely replaced just because of poor maintenance, you will regret it when you realize how expensive furnace replacement is.

Accessing Your Cabinet

There isn't that much to clean inside of a furnace, but safely accessing the furnace by shutting down The gas and electricity might seem complicated to some people. The first thing you need to do is figure out how to open up the furnace cabinet. Most modern friends cabinets are usually very accessible. They have a removable panel or door, so you don't need any tools.

How to Safely Clean the Inside of Your Furnace Cabinet

Now that your doors are access to the inside of your furnace cabinet, the first thing you should do is turn off the gas. The gas control knob should be clearly marked and easy to twist off. Once the gas is turned off, look for the main power switch. The switch could be located inside the furnace, on the outside of furnace, or mounted to the wall nearby. In some rare instances, there won't be a direct power switch, so you will need to find the breaker. With the power and gas shut off, it is now safe to start cleaning your furnace cabinet.

Cleaning the Cabinet

The most important tool for cleaning it is a hose vacuum. You might also need to use some wet rags to wipe down the sidewalls of the cabinet. However, you want to be careful using liquid around the electrical components within the furnace. You definitely don't want to spray any liquid cleaner inside the furnace. The goal of cleaning inside your furnace is to remove any dust and dirt, but you want to from any and every surface in side, but you want to pay closer attention to certain components.

For instance, the vented control box near the van will often get clogged with dust, which could cause the fan to overheat. Also, take a close look at the output connections where the air flows out of the furnace.

With a cleaner furnace cabinet, you can expect better airflow in your home. Contact a company, like Peterson Heating & Cooling, for more help.