Which Of These Common Winter HVAC Problems Are You Experiencing?

"It's not working."

Those are the dreaded words no homeowner wants to hear, especially with winter and cold weather swiftly approaching. Some HVAC issues are simply more common in the late fall and winter months than throughout the summer. Think you are dealing with one of those common problems? These are a few problems you might be facing.

Frozen Water Pipes

When the pipes freeze due to the cold weather outside, your coils may also freeze and ultimately stop working. This might prevent your water heater from starting up when you need it. It could also lead to your pipes bursting if the pressure is intense enough. This is an entirely new problem that involves calling in a plumber. Make sure to have your pipes insulated or checked out early on if you suspect problems.

Uneven Air Temperature & Flow

Do you ever notice that some rooms don't get as warm as others? Your air ducts might have an issue with ventilation or debris. Since you are running your heater more often in the winter, it is much more common for dust to accumulate. A good cleaning of the air ducts may be helpful for getting your heater back up to speed.

Bad Air Filters

When your heater has a bad filter from overuse, it can feel like your system isn't working. Clogs with dust and dirt make your home less warm than it should be. Enough dirt can actually stop your heater from working at all. As you use your heater more often in the cold, pay close attention to your filter.

Carbon Monoxide Leakage

Carbon monoxide is a major concern year-round, but the winter season encourages people to close up the house more than during the summer. Unfortunately, rusty and cracked heaters have serious consequences that may include carbon monoxide leaks. Stay safe by installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Increasing Heating Bills

Do you notice a sudden spike in your utility bills? Winter may mean you are using your heater more often, but it could also indicate that there is a problem with your heater. This could be linked to a number of issues, ranging from a dirty component to an issue with your thermostat.

Do you think something is wrong with your HVAC system? Does your home fail to heat up this winter? Make sure to get in touch with a professional. Your HVAC solutions could be just a phone call away. Visit a site like http://www.magnoliaplumbing.com/ for more help.