Tips for Fixing a Noisy Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are a great option when you don't have central AC in your home but instead live in an area with especially hot summers. This will allow you to stay cool without spending too much on having an HVAC system installed. Unfortunately, window air conditioners do have a tendency to get noisy when being operated, but this is often something you can fix. Here are some tips for quieting down your window air conditioner.

Check That It Is Level

One of the more common reasons a window air conditioner might be causing a lot of noise when you turn it on is that the unit is not level. Remember that the air-conditioning unit needs to be completely level, whether it is on a windowsill or you have a window pad installed underneath the window frame. Even if the unit was level when you installed it, it might have gotten bumped when the last person used it, and this could cause it to become slightly crooked. Take a level tool and place it along the top or bottom of the air conditioner; this should help you determine whether the unit is level or not. If it isn't, check to see whether there is debris caught underneath it that is causing the problem.

Try Tightening the Screws

Another way to quiet down your window air-conditioner unit is by checking the screws and tightening them. You should be able to tell quickly whether they were a little loose or not. Screws can become loose over time and just need a brief tightening to address the problem. Check all screws around the unit, not forgetting about any on the back or bottom of the unit. You may need to pull the air conditioner from the window in order to do this. Once the screws are tightened, turn the unit on and test it out to see whether this helped quiet the unit down.

Clean the Air Filters

If you haven't cleaned out the air conditioner's air filters in a while, now is a good time to do this. These air filters help to capture dirt and debris but can get clogged over time. If they are clogged, the air flow is interrupted, and this can cause quite a few loud noises when you are trying to use the unit. Remove the front panel of the unit to access the air filter and then either clean it out or replace it.