Maintenance Tips For Your A/C

Maintaining your air conditioner has a number of benefits; the number one benefit is it lengthens the life of your air conditioning unit. Other benefits of maintaining your unit include: lower energy bills per month (as you'll use less energy), lower humidity levels in your home, better nights sleep, and lower fire hazard from accumulated contaminants to name a few. Maintaining your air conditioner can be done by a hired professional before each summer season, or you can do the maintenance tasks yourself. See below for a list of maintenance tasks to perform on your unit.

Check And Replace Filters

Those filters in your furnace need to be replaced not just in the winter months, but in the summer months as well. They help promote healthy air, as well as proper air flow through your system. Dirty filters can cause a blockage of air to your system, making your system work harder and could result in a breakdown. Check your filters each month, holding it up to the light. If you cannot see any light through it, you need to replace it. Otherwise, change your filters every other month. If there are a lot of people in your home, or you have furry pets, your filters may need to be changed more often. Be sure to replace it with the proper size filter and be sure to put it back in the same way you took it out. 

Remove Items From Vents

The vents in your home help bring the cool (or hot) air into the rooms of your home via duct work. If your vents are blocked with obstructions, those rooms won't get the proper air flow, and your home won't cool (or heat) evenly. Be sure to remove anything blocking your vents, including toys and furniture.

Keep Outdoor Units Clean

Clean up your outdoor unit by keeping shrubbery (weeds, flowers and bushes) cut back and at least a foot away from your unit. Clean away leaves and other debris from inside of your unit that may have fallen inside during the colder weather months. Spray your unit with a garden hose (not a pressure washer — the pressure will bend the fin coils) to remove grass clippings, cottonwood and other debris from the fin coils. All of these things will help with the air flow to your unit.

Call a professional air conditioning technician, like one from A-1 American Services, to have your unit maintained and checked to ensure it is in proper working order before each warm weather season.