Are Crazy Ants Leaking Freon Out Of Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners are designed to last for years, but Freon leakage can decrease their efficiency and even make them stop working. There are many causes of Freon leaks, including an invasion of the infamous crazy ant. What is this ant and how can it cause problems with your air conditioner? And what can you do to stop it?

The Crazy Ant And Their Love Of Electronics

Crazy ants are a small reddish-brown ant that receive their name due to their strange movement pattern. They move in zigging motions that seem nearly random. A South American native, they have quickly spread across America. While not dangerous to humans, they do have a strange attraction to electronics and often swarm in them heavily enough to cause problems.

One electronic item that is particularly impacted is the air conditioner. These units are often situated outside of a home, making it easy for the crazy ant to find them. And once they do, they are more than happy to move inside and make a new home.

Crazy Ants Can Damage A Closed System

When crazy ants move into your air conditioning system, they will begin bringing in a variety of items to make a nest. These can clog vents and impair the operation of your air conditioner. However, their natural curiosity may also cause them to start chewing on your Freon coils, especially if they're trying to expand their nest.

Air conditioner's are a closed system, which means that they don't use up the Freon inside. However, even the tiny holes chewed by crazy ants can cause this cooling gas to slowly leak out. Once it starts leaking, your system will struggle to operate properly.

At first, it will cool too much and cause Freon to evaporate out the small leaks. And once the Freon is gone, your air conditioner is basically a big fan with no ability to cool, one that is also filled with the erratic crazy ant.

Fixing The Problem

The first step in managing this problem is getting the crazy ants out of your air conditioner. This requires fully inspecting the machine to find them and carefully applying treatments, such as spray or dust, near them. You should avoid putting the treatment near the air conditioner vents, as this may cause problems with its operation. A professional pest control expert can help you out here.

Repairing a Freon leak is a little trickier. While you can use a Freon leak repair kit to do it yourself, this requires identifying the location of the leak, carefully patching it, and refilling your system with Freon. Thankfully, it's not likely that the crazy ant caused a hole large enough to require professional help.

However, if the crazy ant infestation was severe and long-lasting enough, they could have created a hole too large for you to repair on your own. That's when it's necessary to call a professional air conditioner repair technician from a company like Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc. They will do the hard work for you to ensure that your system works properly.