5 Tips For Keeping Your HVAC In Good Shape

Being comfortable during any season is important to having the highest quality of life possible. This means you will want to ensure your heating and the air conditioning system continues to function well. There are certain things you should do to ensure this and knowing what these five things are can be helpful to you.

Tip #1:  Change your filters

It's important to keep the air filters in your unit fresh and clean at all times if you want to have an HVAC unit that runs efficiently. Studies indicate that you should change your filters every three months to get the best results.

Tip #2:  Use window shades

It's ideal to put blinds in all of your windows to help your HVAC unit run less. This can be extremely helpful during the summer months by blocking out the sun when you keep these closed each day.

Tip #3: Inspect your ducts

You will want to take some time to check the air ducts in your home. These should be free of dust and lint to allow the warm or cool air to flow as necessary.

Tip #4: Keep your unit maintained

One of the best ways to avoid expensive costs when it comes to your heating and cooling system is to have your unit inspected by a professional. This will allow any potential problems to be found in the earliest possible stages.

Listed below are things your professional will do:

1. Inspect all of the electrical components of your unit.

2. Remove any debris from the outside unit.

3. Check the condensate drain to ensure it's dry.

4. Lubricate all of the parts on your unit that rotate.

5. Examine the coils of your unit to ensure these are in good condition.

Tip #5: Install weather stripping

One of the best ways to help your HVAC unit last longer is by keeping your home well insulated. One way to do this is by installing weather stripping around the doors and windows of your home to prevent air from the outside from getting indoors.

Being able to rely on your heating and cooling unit is sure to improve your overall quality of life. Take the time to complete the tips listed above to do so. In addition, be sure to rely on the expertise of an HVAC contractor as needed to ensure the quality of your unit is at its best.