How To Degrease The Fan In Your Furnace

Most central heating systems have a furnace that uses a fan to circulate the air. The fan is vital for the airflow of your heater and air conditioner. The AC air is pumped through the furnace fan in order to be circulated into the ducts. So, making sure your furnace fan is operational is beneficial for both your AC and heating systems. This article highlights one common problem with furnace fans and how to fix it.


One common problem with furnace fans is that they have greased bearings. The bearings need to be greased for smooth operation. However, if the grease escapes the bearing and gets onto the fan and into the furnace, it can create problems. Most commonly, this will result in dust and dirt coagulating with the grease and possibly causing clogs in your furnace. 

Accessing the Fan

To fix this problem, you first need to access the fan unit. Every furnace will have a removable access panel on the front or side. It should be easy to find. Remove the panel by unlatching the hinges or removing the screws (depending on your particular model). Make sure the breaker panel for the furnace is turned off before you go any further. Next, find the fan, it should be easy to find, but there is often a metal encasement around it. If so, it will be easy to remove by taking off the screws on the mount. 

Removing the Dirt and Grease

Greased dirt will essential feel like mud, but it is even stickier. Normally, you can clean your furnace fan with a hose vacuum, but this will not be effective if grease is in the equation. Instead, you will need to wipe away the grease with a wet sponge. Soak the sponge in diluted degreaser to remove the more stubborn dirt build up. Clean off the fan blades and the entire fan compartment. Also, (if applicable) clean off the fan encasement before you reattach it. If there is a ton of grease all over the compartment, there could be a problem with your fan mount. This is something that will need to be looked at by a furnace expert. The fan needs to be securely fastened and calibrate so it spins correctly. Do not try to tighten or loosen the bolts on the fan.

While you have the access panel removed, it is also smart to vacuum it out. Finally, put everything back together, turn the power back on and enjoy your furnace again. It should be a little more efficient after this simple clean. To learn more, speak with a business like Action Appliance Services.