Is The Temperature Uneven Throughout Your Home? Possible Causes Of This Issue

Especially in older homes, it is not uncommon for certain rooms to be colder than others. This can become more than a minor annoyance. It can lead to higher energy bills as you crank up the thermostat in hopes of making those chilly rooms a tolerable temperature. It can also lead to discomfort should you choose to suffer through the chill! In order to tackle this issue and ensure more even heating of your home, it's important to first determine the cause.

Drafty Windows

It's possible that the rooms that get colder have windows that are more poorly sealed; the heat escapes from them quickly, and cold, drafty air blows in. Take a look around the room that gets cold. Are there any windows that are loose in their frames or perhaps made from old, thin glass? You can seal in windows with caulk (use rope caulk if you want to be able to remove it easily once spring comes). For old, thin windows, try replacing your current window treatments with insulating drapes to hold the heat in.

Poor Thermostat Placement

Your thermostat should be placed in a central location so that the temperature it senses is the true temperature throughout the home. If it is placed near a door, it may register colder than the home really is, causing other rooms to be heated to excess since that room is chilly. If it is placed right near a heating vent, it may register too warm a temperature and shut the heat off before all rooms are fully heated.

If you establish that your thermostat may be in a less-than-ideal location, contact an HVAC technician like Nebraska Heating & Air. They can help you choose a more suitable place for the thermostat and can ensure it is moved safely.

Closed Air Vents

It's possible that the air vents in some of your rooms are stuck shut or plugged. Take a close look at the vents in the rooms that seem too cold. Look in past the grate, and make sure the metal piece that moves to close the vent is not in the closed position. If it is, and you cannot adjust the vent because the adjustment lever has broken, replacing the vent with a new one from your local hardware store is an easy solution. Simply unscrew the old vent, stick the new one in the hole, and screw it into place.

If none of these causes seem likely explanations for your uneven temperatures, then there's a good chance that the rooms that stay colder are poorly insulated. An HVAC professional can examine the insulation within your walls and attic and let you know if adding more will solve your problem.