How To Get Your Air Conditioner Working At Peak Levels

Air conditioner maintenance is a critical part of making sure that your unit is operational in time to beat the summer heatwave. Here are a couple quick maintenance tips that can help you get your unit working at peak efficiency levels.

Clear The Area Around The Air Conditioner

Over time weeds and other contaminants such as leaves can collect around the air conditioning unit. The weeds and leaves can get sucked into the unit itself and damage the motors. It is critical to make sure that you sure that you clear the area every other month to clean out any debris that has been blown close to the unit and weeds that have sprouted up. If leaves have been sucked into the unit do not attempt to pull them out and call for the help of a professional that can take apart the unit without causing damage.

Replace The Batteries In The Thermostat

The batteries inside a thermostat will get depleted over time and when the battery is low they can prevent the unit from working. A low battery can also send the wrong temperature readings to the air conditioning unit, which will cause it to work harder or not come up to the proper temperature. To replace the batteries, remove the back of the thermostat and then pop out the batteries and install a fresh pair of batteries before resetting the thermostat to the correct temperature.

Change The Air Filter

The air filter stops all the dirt and other contaminants from getting inside the motor and causing damage. Over time the dirt and grime build up on the air filter and block the air flow. Every three months you should go in and replace the air filter to ensure the air conditioner has the proper air flow. To replace the air filter locate the filter cover and unscrew it. The pull out the filter paying close attention to which side the arrows are located on the filter. Remove the old filter and slide the new one in place matching the arrows on the filter to the same direction as the air flow. Screw the filter cover back into place to complete the job.

If the air conditioner is still not working properly you should not attempt to take apart the unit or mess with the electrical wiring. Instead, call in the help of a professional air conditioner repair technician, such as Bel Air Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning who can properly diagnose what the problem is.